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A history of Layton’s ‘sweetest’ street

A history of Layton’s ‘sweetest’ street The Davis Clipper November 7, 2018 Sugar Street, on Layton City’s west side, truly is the “sweetest” road in Layton. For almost half of the 20th Century, the street was home to one of the largest factories in northern Utah – a sugar plant that employed up to 500 … Read More

Amalgamated Sugar Factory Celebrates 75 Years

Amalgamated Sugar Factory Celebrates 75 Years By Sean Bunce, Idaho Press-Tribune March 25, 2017 NAMPA – You can see it from almost anywhere in Nampa – the tall, white factory standing out in the open skyline, steam pouring from pipes that sprout in all directions. Within a five-mile radius, you can probably smell it too, as freshly … Read More

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is Posted April 20, 2015 by Mollee Francisco, Chaska Herald For more than a century, sugar has been the name of the game at 1060 Stoughton Ave. in Chaska. The sugar factory — now owned by United Sugars Corp. — has been churning out the sweet stuff on the eastern edge of downtown … Read More