American Crystal

2018 Seedex Varieties – ACS


  • APH Specialty variety
  • Root Aphid tolerance
  • Sweeter genetics for long haul areas
  • Excellent APH tolerance
  • Very quick emergence

BRONCO (SX 1863)

  • APH Specialty variety
  • Excellent APH tolerance
  • High Sugar
  • Stability across all soil types
  • Not recommended in FUS areas


  • APH Specialty variety
  • Excellent Tandem Technology┬« RZM variety
  • Outstanding Revenue/Acre
  • Above average disease tolerance
  • Balanced variety


  • APH Specialty variety
  • Root Aphid tolerance
  • Our best RZM and FUS tolerance
  • Above average disease resistance
  • Consistent returns


  • #1 in overall variety in 2016 ACSC OVT 2-yr data
  • #1 newly approved variety in 2016 ACSC OVT
  • Outstanding RZM with Tandem Technology┬«
  • Very good RCH and APH tolerance
  • Yield stability across all soil types tested
  • Above average Sugar/Ton


  • Very good APH tolerance
  • Above average Sugar/ton
  • Balanced yield and sugar
  • Low Loss to Molasses


  • APH Specialty variety
  • High sugar variety
  • Excellent purity w/low loss to molasses
  • Very good RHC and VRT tolerance
  • Excellent choice on heavy ground

OUTLAW TT (SX 8869 Conventional Variety)

  • #1 overall variety 2016 ACS OVT 2 Yr data
  • #1 newly approved variety 2016 ACS OVT
  • Conventional, Tandem Technology┬« variety
  • Very good FUS tolerance
  • Improved APH tolerance over Deuce TT
  • No Root Aphid tolerance

Download 2018 Seedex ACS Varieties & Report Card (PDF) HERE




Actual results may vary. Crop yield and quality are caused by many conditions beyond the control of Seedex, and these statements are not a guarantee of performance, nor do they constitute a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, as Seedex cannot warrant quality of seed or yield of plants from seed.