US Research & Testing

U.S. Research & Testing


Seedex Proprietary Trials

Each year, our proprietary trials are planted in all growing regions in the U.S. We screen experimental and pre-commercial hybrids, and also seed enhancements, priming, and seed treatment options.

Disease Nurseries are a big part of our Proprietary Research, and we screen for tolerance to:

Root Aphid
Root Maggot
Curly Top

Grower Strip Trials

Seedex recruits its dealers and customers to provide strip trial plots each season. Every grower plot is planted and harvested using the grower’s equipment. Seedex brings the seed, a generator, and a vacuum. We help fill the grower’s planter with the Seedex varieties we want to test, and any other varieties the grower has purchased and wants to compare them to. We plant a full round the length of the field. During the growing season we take stand counts and notes on disease tolerance, performance, etc.

At harvest, we lift the length of the field and send the truck to the factory or piler regardless of how full it is. The truck is weighed and samples are taken for quality along with any tare sample and left to be processed through the factory labs. Once the grower receives his analysis from the factory he shares a copy of the results with us.

We feel grower plots are an unbiased way to compare varieties on their farm, as they are planted, managed, and harvested in the same manner as the rest of their beets.

Grower strip trial harvest