Seedex Research & Development

Seedex sugarbeet breeding is a tradition built in the U.S., and with rapid expansion in recent years, our Seedex researchers now screen and select our germplasm in every growing region in the U.S. They use cutting edge breeding tools and test for all forms of sugarbeet pests and diseases.

“Taking the genetic resources from one of the oldest breeding platforms in the US and combining that with world-class breeding technology gives Seedex something to be proud of,” believes David Boehm, U.S. Research Manager. “You need both of these elements to be successful in this business.”

Seedex quality extends from its trait development and germplasm, all the way to seed purity and final stands in their commercial seed products. Seedex genetics provide fast emergence, uniform stands, and high sugar. Our purity is second to none, enhancing factory sugar recovery and increasing grower revenue.