Fungicide Tri-pak

Fungicide Tri-pak

The Fungicide Tri-pak comes standard on every unit of Seedex seed.

Metlock + Rizolex + Kabina = Multiple Modes of Action

  • Metlock (Metconazole) seed treatment provides contact and systemic control, with “inside-out” protection against sugarbeet diseases, including Rhizoctonia.
  • Rizolex (Toclofos-Methyl) is a contact fungicide seed treatment for unrivaled protection against Rhizoctonia damping-off plus Fusarium and other soil-borne and seedling-borne diseases.
  • Kabina ST (Penthiopyrad) is a fungicide seed treatment that provides early season control of Rhizoctonia seedling disease.

The Tri-pak Delivers:

  • Protection against Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium, and other seedling diseases and strains of diseases.
  • Increases the window of opportunity for timely application of a foliar fungicide like Quadris.
  • Protects with both contact and systemic activity.
  • Reduce and delay possible development of fungicide resistance by combining three fungicides with varying:
    • Modes of action
    • Solubility
    • Levels of activity on different pests