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2019 Idaho Varieties


Download  Seedex 2019 Idaho Varieties Flyer (PDF)

SX 1521N

• 103% in Rec/ton in the 3-yr OVT Data
• 104% in Rec/acre in the 3-yr OVT Data
• Great Curly Top tolerance
• Established variety that can be planted across
   the Snake River Valley
• Nematode variety with excellent Rhizoctonia
   and Aphanomyces tolerance

SX 1578N

• 105% Rec/ton and 106% Rec/acre in 2-yr
   OVT Data
• Very strong Nematode tolerance
• Tandem genetics for excellent Rhizomania
• Very good Aphanomyces tolerance
• Good Curly Top tolerance

SX 1534

• 104% in Rec/ton and Rec/acre in the 2018
   OVT data
• 101% in Rec/ton and 102% in Rec/acre in the
   3-yr OVT data
• Good Sugar/acre variety
• Widely established for Non-nematode areas
• Strong emergence and vigor

Seedex 2019 Idaho Varieties Flyer
























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