Amalgamated Sugar Company

2018 Idaho Varieties


Download Idaho 2018 Variety Flyer (PDF)  HERE

SX 1521N

#3 in Sugar/acre over last 3 years

Best Sugar/acre in strong Rhizomania trials

Top 5 for Curly Top tolerance (3-Yr)

Excellent APH tolerance

Very good Powdery Mildew tolerance

SX 1554N

Excellent Sugar/acre

Excellent RZM, APH, and Powdery Mildew tolerance

Above average Sugar/ton

Full Market Approval

SX 1534

Great Rhizomania tolerance and very good Curly Top tolerance

Strong emergence and vigor, dark canopy

Average sugar content

Full Market Approval

SX1566N – NEW!

Excellent Sugar/ton & Sugar/acre

Great yield potential

High Nematode tolerance

Excellent RZM & Powdery Mildew tolerance

New Test Market Approval
























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