Every day is a test of your knowledge. Your knowledge of the seed, the soil and even Mother Nature. A challenge to know your options and make the right choices. Seedex is here to help make those choices easier because we know what we put in the box, counts.

We know this because we’ve done the groundwork, putting our seeds to the test. With our multiple strip trials, we’ve developed an unparalleled tradition of sugarbeet seeds with fast emergence and uniform stand quality. And faster emergence means better survival against disease, weed pressure and the elements, and above average sugarbeet yields for you.

You’ll notice that once our seeds are planted, they will outperform any other. And as you watch them grow, be assured that Seedex provides you with the best seed possible for your sugarbeet crop.

We do it all for you. Our farmer. Our friend.

That’s our promise. That’s our tradition.

A Box of Tradition.

Hello, Sugar.