All Seedex varieties will once again be primed by XBEET. Even though Seedex sugarbeet seed is known for fast emergence and supreme seeding vigor, XBEET amps up the process.

The XBEET Boost

  • XBEET is a priming process that uses a specifically calibrated combination of heat and moisture to remove or weaken germination inhibitors in the raw seed cork. It also starts the germination process that naturally occurs in the field until the seed reaches a certain physiological point. Then the process is stopped and the seed is boxed and ready to be delivered to growers.
  • Once the grower plants Seedex XBEET seed, it absorbs moisture and starts the germination process just where it left off. Because the seed is allowed to naturally return to the germination process, it takes more quickly. This fast emergence leads to stronger stands and less risk of crop loss.

XBEET Means Speed

  • The emergence speed of Seedex varieties enhanced with XBEET means Seedex will not be beat out of the ground. Period. Most growers agree they like seed primed with XBEET.
  • Emergence provides stronger stand establishment, and Seedex is already known for having some of the most vigorous varieties around. Adding the acceleration of XBEET gives your seeds standing power. Staying put means staying alive.

It’s Standard

All Seedex varieties, both conventional and Roundup Ready®, will be coated with XBEET. That means all this becomes standard:

  • Accelerated Emergence
  • Enhanced Vigor and Vitality
  • Lower Stand Loss resulting in Higher Plant Populations
  • Higher Recoverable Sugar
  • Bigger Yields
  • Better Bottom Lines


Roundup Ready is a registered trademark used under license from Monsanto Company.